Enabling Greater Yield and Supply

The Elysium Co-Operative partnership model provides farmers in the Balkans with access to precision agriculture and buyers in new exports markets.

The Co-Operative Model

The Elysium Co-Operative partnership brings together the best small to medium agri-food producers to supply markets in the Near East and Europe with high quality, gastronomically assured produce.


What We Supply

Elysium has partnered with agri-food producers in the region to supply a host of different products. Our list is ever expanding and is based on regional demand. We currently supply apples, strawberries, blackberries, almonds and grapes.


Projects and Practices

The Elysium Group comprises a number of differing companies and practices - each aimed at increasing global food security for the regions of the Near East and Europe through the application of precision agriculture and gastronomy.

Contact Us

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