How Do We Feed The World, Gastronomically?

By the year 2050 the global population will reach 9.8 billion people and will require a staggering 70% more food than is consumed today - an immense challenge.

Who We Are

Elysium has been established as a group of agri-food technology companies to assist sovereign nations to achieve domestic food security. A joint venture between agri-food specialists, Elysium aims to bring together precision agriculture and gastronomy.


Food Security Challenge

Populations increasing to record levels, climate change, increases in per capita income and changes in dietary preferences mean food security will become a major challenge for countries in years to come. Cohesion between food producers is imperative.


Precision Agriculture + Gastronomy

Elysium combines the principles of precision agriculture with those of gastronomy to enable food producers, to achieve maximum agricultural yield organically and an end product that’s high in taste and quality.


Agri-Food Production

Through our onsite production at the Elysium complex – both open air and greenhouse based - and the Elysium Co-Operative we produce and supply countries in the Near East and Europe with a host of different, high quality agri-food products.


Projects and Practices

The Elysium Group comprises a number of differing companies and practices - each aimed at increasing global food security for the regions of the Near East and Europe through the application of precision agriculture and gastronomy.

Contact Us

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