A Happy Herd Is A Productive One

The Elysium Dairy Herd Performance Optimisation Practice provides farmers with access to a suite of the most innovative technologies and techniques - to maximise milk yield.

Dairy Herd Performance Optimisation

Professor Ivan Andonovic and his team of dairy herd performance management experts have through extensive collaborative research and the development of proprietary technologies and techniques, created an innovative modality for maximising the yield for dairy farmers.


Maximising Dairy Yield

Through his Dairy Herd Optimisation Practice, Professor Andonovic and his team provide dairy farms with a proven framework for optimising milk production that combines proprietary technologies, systems and techniques.


Projects and Practices

The Elysium Group comprises a number of differing companies and practices - each aimed at increasing global food security for the regions of the Near East and Europe through the application of precision agriculture and gastronomy.

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